It’s time to name it, talk about it, and stop this social injustice: judges are silencing sexually/physically abused and at-risk children by handing them over to dangerous parents in child custody and access cases. These invisible children need to be seen, heard and protected!

— Eileen King, founder of Child Justice, Inc.

THE NURTURED PARENT* assists adults seeking the opportunity to heal from the debilitating effects of abuse.

Entering its 7th year, The Nurtured Parent operates on the front lines supporting survivors through free weekly support group meetings, therapeutic outings and workshops, and public awareness conferences and events. Of paramount importance to this cause has been to advocate for victim’s rights and to unravel why family court often fails to protect the most vulnerable among us, parents and their children in crisis seeking a life free from abuse.

Confidential meetings are held every Tuesday from 10:00am-12:00pm at THE CENTER FOR HOPE & SAFETY HEADQUARTERS, located at 12 Overlook Avenue, Rochelle Park, New Jersey.

Feel free to contact us via email, phone, Facebook, or drop by a meeting in person!


PLEASE NOTE: The Nurtured Parent is not a first response crisis intervention center. Rather, we are the next step providing continued support throughout the healing process.