“Today we have the ability to improve children’s health, increase
their productivity and give them happier lives by preventing
domestic violence, but to provide these benefits the custody
courts must stop sending children to live with abusers.”

– Barry Goldstein, Author and DV Expert “Domestic Violence, Abuse and Child Custody

“… his verbal abuse was always worse than his  physical abuse because it played over and over in my head.  However because of The Nurtured Parent, I now  have a different record playing in my head. With The Nurtured Parent, I have learned to be stronger and I feel empowered by the group.  They helped me  gain back confidence in myself and in my abilities, and I learned to feel  deserving to take back my life. They are  my life line even when I am not attending a meeting.  I can reach out to most any member of the  group through e-mail or text for advice with different issues that pertain to  the lifelong effects of being a victim of domestic violence … we laugh together and we cry together … they are family!  Thank you my Dear Nurtured Parent Family!” — Leeila, Oakland, NJ

“I would like to thank two amazing women, Patrice Lenowitz, Founder and Co-Facilitator of the Nurtured Parent Support Group, and Dr. Mary Mandis, Co-Facilitator, for making a difference in my life. Through their devotion and commitment, they made it possible to bring out and re-introduce me to the woman I used to be before I fell victim to the hands of my abuser. Not only am I a survivor of domestic violence, but with the encouragement, compassion, wisdom and expertise of Patrice and Mary, I am now empowered and ready to overcome the traumatic effect that had left me emotionally crippled. I cherish our passionate discussions, the beautiful and bold words filled with valuable life lessons, the tears and the humor that leave us embracing each other. Thank you for always organizing fun-filled events for our group as well as our children, and for your support, guidance and advocacy in all our every-day trials and tribulations. I am proud to consider The Nurtured Parent Support Group my family.” — S.D., Mahwah, NJ

“I feel the Nurtured Parent is so important for all those who are being abused or have been abused! I took a Creative Writing Workshop with the group and it was a wonderful experience. It was healing, enlightening and so great to see such empowered women today who had experienced some horrible situations dealing with abuse throughout their lives. They all helped me see that we are not alone and we can heal from such deep wounds, that we need each other to grow, to learn from and support each other while were finding out who we really are and getting our feet back on the ground … The Nurtured Parent helps to support the hurting victims and thus helps the victims heal so they aren’t victims anymore! We need more groups like this around the world! This group consists of the most beautiful people I have ever met and would highly recommend The Nurtured Parent to anyone in need of their services.” — Debbie, Fort Lee, NJ

“… physical abuse has long standing emotional effects on those that see the abuse. I am now 55 years old and had not realized how affected I was by the abuse until I started writing about it, then it came to the surface…a support group like The Nurtured Parent is just what I needed to accept that I was a victim, along with my mother, and that even though I felt that I had overcome the subsidiary effects of the abuse, it is still there.” — Barbara, Paramus, NJ

“Tuesday’s cannot come fast enough for me, because it is the day that our Nurtured Parent support group meets. Being a part of this group for the past couple of years has made ALL the difference in my life. I have been in an emotionally abusive relationship for many years. It was only after I met these wonderful, insightful, loving, and supportive people and listened to their words of wisdom, that I truly was no longer a victim, but became victorious. I have found my voice and my confidence, and in doing so I am creating a much healthier life for myself and my three children. I thank God for Patrice and for Mary, and for all the precious members of the Nurtured Parent group!” — Anonymous Mother, Midland Park, NJ

“Church, families, friends and neighbors who have not known of, or lived with the horrors of domestic violence, have no understanding of the dynamics involved or how to address them. Being introduced to The Nurtured Parent has been my anchor in the storm. The true heart felt camaraderie shared among its members and led by two beautiful dedicated women, Dr. Mary Mandis & Patrice Lenowitz, has been an invaluable help to me while struggling thru the throws of divorce as a victim of domestic violence. Each week, its members are listened to, supported and guided. We laugh, we cry, and together we heal. This group has encouraged me to be my best, to be mindful that I do have choices — and the ones I make (empowering or disabling) will determine how my life unfolds. Thank you!” — Diana, Wyckoff, NJ

“I am so grateful for The Nurtured Parent that I have my life back. I don’t feel alone anymore. My sons respect me, and I have a great relationship with my granddaughter now.” — Shelly, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ