“As a mother who has lived through the Family Court nightmare,
fought back fiercely, and won, I urge all mothers in similar custody crisis
situations to demand accountability from court personnel and unite to
force legislators to strip court appointed evaluators of the immunity that
they currently hide behind while destroying the lives of innocent children
and the good mothers who are trying desperately to protect them.”

– Bridget Marks, founder and chairwoman of Mothers for Judicial Accountability


PLEASE NOTE: For all Tuesday meetings held at The Center for Hope and Safety, there is an intercom at the right side of the door.  Press “#” then the number “9”, and announce that you are there to attend a Nurtured Parent Support Group meeting. You will be buzzed in.


The Nurtured Parent Support Group has a CODE OF CONDUCT we follow for the protection and safety of everyone who attends our meetings. You can view the CODE OF CONDUCT by CLICKING HERE.  You must read and acknowledge the CODE OF CONDUCT before attending our weekly meetings. You can acknowledge the CODE OF CONDUCT online, just CLICK HERE to access the document. If you have any additional questions regarding our CODE OF CONDUCT you may contact us at (201) 849-3000.